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Section 1

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Begin: Independence, I-470, Exit 15
End: Odessa, Route 131, Exit 37
Length: 24 miles
Study: Environmental Assessment (EA)



Section 1 is the westernmost section of the I-70 study corridor. It stretches between I-470, near Independence, and Highway 131 in Odessa.

This Jackson County section of I-70 includes rapidly growing areas, including Blue Springs, Oak Grove and Grain Valley. Once rural communities, they are now centers for business, transit and truck operations, and new housing. Increased traffic demands are one of the critical elements of Improve I-70 in this area, as is coordinating with the I-70 Major Investment Study (MIS), which explored options for improving I-70 between Jackson County’s eastern boundary and the downtown loop in Kansas City, Missouri.

Further west in Lafayette County lies Odessa, home of a local outlet mall. Increased traffic on this stretch of I-70 raises critical issues relative to its redesign and reconstruction, including maintenance of traffic and potential impacts to businesses. The Section 1 team will be working closely with communities, businesses and residents to address the needs for access, traffic capacity, and safety for the traveling public.


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