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Final First Tier EIS
The final EIS consists of the Draft EIS plus new content contained in the sections below.
Draft EIS
The FEIS refers to the following DEIS files. Corridor and interchange maps are still contained in the appendices.
 -  Summary (1.5MB)
 -  Table of Contents (78kb)
1. Purpose and Need (71kb)
2. Strategies and Conceptual Corridors (84kb)
3. Affected Environment (82kb)
4. Environmental Consequences (87kb)
5. Comments and Coordination (3.9MB)
6. List of Preparers (74kb)
7. Circulation List (87kb)
8. Index (68kb)
 -  Agency Documents  
 -  Summary (1.8MB)
 -  Table of Contents (125kb)
1. Purpose and Need (419kb)
  Corridor Study Map (642kb)
  1997 Congestion Locations (6.2MB)
  Existing and Current Standards (265kb)
  Current Pavement/Bridge Condition (655kb)
2. Strategies and Conceptual Corridors (2.7MB)
3. Affected Environment (6.5MB)
4. Environmental Consequences (486kb)
5. Comments and Coordination (232kb)
6. List of Preparers (76kb)
7. Circulation List (88kb)
8. Index (88kb)
 -  Appendices  
Quick Reference Maps
Columbia corridor map
Columbia corridor map
Warrenton/Wright City/Wentzille corridor map
Warrenton/Wright City/Wentzville corridor map