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Section 4 - Maps

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Public Comments Received - April 2-3 & 9, 2008

Public Meeting Exhibits, April 2-3 & 9, 2008

This page includes maps of all improvement alternatives developed throughout the study. Note the dates in the headings to view the most recent information.

The study's environmental document will include maps of improvements being recommended in this section. Click on the "Documents" link above to view the environmental document.

Warning: These maps are very large and can be difficult to view or download. If you have trouble, call the project office at 1-800-590-0066.

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To view the basic location for I-70 widening, click on "Widening Locations" to the left.

Advisory Group Meeting – March 18, 2004


The following maps were displayed at a meeting of the Improve I-70 Advisory Group in Columbia on March 18, 2004. These maps represent the study team’s recommended preferred alternative for I-70 improvements in the Columbia area.

Additional information is provided here to assist you in understanding the reason for the study team’s recommendation. The Advisory Group Meeting Presentation summarizes the reasonable alternatives that were considered for I-70 and lists the key issues that led to the team’s recommendation. The Impact Summary Table provides the data considered by the team.

A public hearing is expected this fall to gather public input on the reasonable alternatives and the recommended preferred alternative. Details about the hearing will be posted on this Web site once they’re available.

WARNING: The maps below are very large and may be difficult to view, download and print. If you desire a paper copy, please call the hot line at 1-800-590-0066.

Maps of Recommended Preferred Alternative

  Western Columbia Map – Route BB to Stadium
Central Columbia Map – Stadium to U.S. 63
Eastern Columbia Map – U.S. 63 to Route Z

Advisory Group Meeting Presentation

Impact Summary Table

  Total Impacts for Preferred Alternative
Impacts for Reasonable Alternatives in Western Columbia
Impacts for Reasonable Alternatives in Central Columbia
Impacts for Reasonable Alternatives in Eastern Columbia

Advisory Group Meeting – February 5, 2004


The following “reasonable alternatives” were displayed at a meeting of the Advisory Group on February 5. For some interchanges a single, recommended alternative is shown. At other interchanges, a number of alternatives were still being considered. Please note that Route 163, Route 763 and the I-70 Eastern Business Loop are being treated as one interchange system where two alternatives were being considered.

Legend Information for Exhibits

Western Columbia

  Route J/O Interchange
Recommended Diamond Interchange

Route 40 Interchange
Alternative 1 – Enhanced Diamond
Alternative 2 – Diamond with Southwestern Loop

Central Columbia


Stadium Interchange
Alternative 1 – With Northwestern Loop Ramp
Alternative 2 – Tight Diamond
Alternative 3 – Single Point Urban Interchange
Alternative 4 – Split Diamond

Western I-70 Business Loop
Recommended Two-Point Interchange

Route 163/Route 763/Eastern I-70 Business Loop
Alternative 1 – One-way Frontage Road System
Alternative 2 – Collector-Distributor System

U.S. 63
Recommended Tight Right-of-Way Design

Eastern Columbia


St. Charles/Lake of the Woods
Alternative 1 – Diamond
Alternative 2 – Offset Diamond

Route Z
Alternative 1 – Diamond Interchange
Alternative 2 – Diamond with Northwestern Loop

Public Meeting, December 11, 2003


Five concepts for widening I-70 through Columbia were considered and narrowed to three: one-way frontage roads, two-way frontage roads and a collector-distributor system. Maps shown at the public meeting and provided below display how the concepts have been applied to three basic areas: Western, Central and Eastern Columbia. Each file below includes a number of pages. Please scroll through to see all the information.

Western Area - Route J/O to Hwy 40
Central Area One-Way System
Central Area Two-Way System
Central Area CD System
Eastern Area Widening - Lake of the Woods to Route Z

Public Meeting, August 21, 2003


Station 1 Exhibits - Project Background (1.0MB pdf)
Station 2 Exhibits - Widening Concepts (13.0MB pdf)
Station 3 Exhibits - Interchanges and Corridor Wide Concepts (2.3MB pdf)

Station 3 Map Exhibits
These maps display very preliminary ideas for improving I-70 in the Columbia area. Where there are multiple alternatives for an interchange, numbering is random and does not indicate any preference.
Route J/Route O - One Alternative (558k pdf)
Route 40 (Midway) - Four Alternatives (1.5MB pdf))
Route 740 (Stadium Blvd.) - Three Alternatives (1.5MB pdf)
Business Loop 70 West (West Blvd.) - Two Alternatives (951k pdf)
Route 163 and Route 763 (Providence Rd. and Range Line Rd.) - One Alternative (739k pdf)
Business Loop 70 East - Two Alternatives (1.6MB pdf)
Route 63 - One Alternative (854k pdf)
St. Charles Rd./Lake of the Woods - Two Alternatives (1.4MB pdf)
Route Z - Two Alternatives (931k pdf)

Station 4 Exhibits - Comments (1.0MB pdf)

Public Meeting, April 23, 2003


Exhibits - Part 1 (1.4MB pdf)
Exhibits - Part 2 (1.2MB pdf)

Thank you for your interest in Improve I-70.


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