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Single Point Urban Interchange

Interchanges in heavily developed urban areas must move an ever-increasing volume of traffic through limited amounts of space. One way to maximize the flow of traffic in urban areas is through use of Single Point Urban Interchanges.

The Single Point, also known as an X-interchange or an Urban Diamond, is being used extensively in urban highway construction and reconstruction across the country. The simple design makes the most of safety, capacity and efficiency.

The name “Single Point” refers to the fact that all thru-traffic on the arterial street – and all the traffic turning left onto or off of the interchange – can be controlled from a single set of traffic signals. These interchanges allow long, gradual turns (helpful to larger vehicles like trucks and buses), and have the ability to move more traffic through a smaller amount of space. Smaller space means that single points can typically be built within existing state property.

Not all interchanges along the I-70 corridor will be appropriate for single points. Their use will be considered primarily in heavily-developed areas such as Columbia and St. Louis.



Single Point Urban Interchage
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