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Access Management

Access management is a process that involves thoughtful planning and design to determine the location and number of interchanges, driveways and other access points. Implementation of a successful access management plan can:

Reduce crashes by as much as 50 percent
Increase capacity by 23-45 percent
Reduce travel time and delay by 40-60 percent
Decrease fuel consumption by 35 percent
Extend the life of the highway
Reduce vehicular emissions
Reduce transportation costs
Promote consistent treatment of applicants for access permits
Protect investment in abutting property

There are many benefits to applying access management principles in the reconstruction of I-70, but there will certainly be costs, as well. In order to create a safe environment for all travelers, the basic design of some interchanges and access to facilities just off the interstate will likely change. What’s important to understand is that access management does NOT mean access elimination.

How will Access Management issues be addressed?

Through the second tier studies, MoDOT and its consultants will work closely with area business owners and residents to determine the best way to address access issues. This cooperative effort will strike a balance between keeping travel on I-70 and through the interchange safe and efficient, and providing access to facilities near the interstate.

MoDOT and FHWA policies will guide decisions about access management. These policies establish criteria for interchange spacing and the location of driveways and outer roads near exit ramps. As it concerns I-70:

Existing interchanges will likely continue in their current locations;
Any new or relocated interchanges should provide a two-mile spacing minimum from the closest existing interchange in urban areas, and five-mile spacing in rural areas;
Spacing of about a quarter mile should be provided from the end of the off-ramp to the first left turn (onto a private driveway, median opening or intersection with a public road); and
Spacing of about 750 feet should be provided from the end of the off-ramp to the first right turn (onto a private driveway or public road).

Application of access management measures will maintain smooth traffic flow as vehicles enter and exit the highway – and provide a safer driving environment once off the highway.



Access Management
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