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Corridor Enhancements

Safety is MoDOT’s first priority in widening and rebuilding I-70 across the state of Missouri. MoDOT also understands that the interstate – and its interchanges and overpasses – are major features in the landscape.

That’s why MoDOT, with the help of a special consortium including local, state and federal agencies, has developed an I-70 Corridor Enhancement Plan. That plan will ensure that, to the degree funding allows, major improvements to I-70 are attractive and result in a cohesive “look” across the corridor.

The plan will serve as a guide in creating an I-70 corridor that:

Complements the existing natural environment

Maintains sensitivity to the existing context of the corridor

Provides a sense of consistency along the entire route

Showcases Missouri’s natural, historic and cultural resources, as well as its diverse economy

The plan includes a range of images that show how color, textured surfaces, lighting, landscaping and other decorative features might enhance bridges, retaining walls, railings and other elements of I-70. While the plan does not recommend specific enhancements for specific locations, it presents a vision for the future look of the interstate across Missouri and establishes a baseline for the types of enhancements MoDOT will fund.

Exactly where and to what degree enhancements will be included on I-70 will be determined during the detailed design phase of major I-70 reconstruction projects. Design projects would happen after the Improve
I-70 Studies are complete, and once they are funded.

During the design phase, communities along I-70 will have the opportunity to work with MoDOT to add local flavor to their area of the corridor. The plan includes a menu of options for “beyond-baseline” enhancements that could be achieved through funding partnerships with local communities or agencies.

Although decisions will be made during design, the plan does provide a starting point for local discussions about I-70 enhancements during the Improve I-70 Studies. If you have questions, concerns or comments about the plan, or would like to organize a community meeting with MoDOT to discuss enhancements, please contact the project hot line at 1-800-590-0066.

Results of local discussions and any commitments made by MoDOT or local communities will be recorded in each study’s environmental documentation. Environmental documents will serve as a guide during the design phase.


Corridor Enhancement Plan

I-70 Corridor Enhancement Plan Cover

Chapter 1 - Overview

Chapter 2 - Bridge and Roadway Improvements

Chapter 3 - Landscape Enhancements

Chapter 4 - Ripairan Corridors

Chapter 5 - Showcase Missouri Plan

Chapter 6 - Community Partnership Opportunities






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