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How do you build improvements to I-70 while keeping people moving? That was a critically important question during the First Tier Study, and had a large impact on selection of the widening and reconstruction strategy.

The strategy allows construction of I-70 improvements to be staged in a way that keeps four lanes of traffic open – as there are today. This has a tremendous benefit for the traveling public, and reduces user costs during what is sure to be a long and difficult construction process.

The construction staging plan for rural areas of the corridor is shown in the video clip on this page, and involves the following steps:

1. New interchanges, overpasses and outer roads are built.
2. The first set of three new lanes is constructed outside the current footprint for the highway.
3. Traffic moves to use the new lanes and two old lanes – while the second set of three new lanes is constructed.
4. Traffic moves to use both sets of new lanes and remaining old pavement is removed.

The commitment to maintain four lanes of traffic during construction has other benefits. It is the reason that a rebuilt I-70 will have an extra wide median. That greatly expanded space has significant safety benefits for users and reserves space for future needs.

In the urban areas of the corridor, where a concrete median barrier will be utilized to separate the opposing lanes instead of a wide median, maintenance of traffic during construction will be measurably more difficult. Since construction independent of the existing road will not be possible, complicated staged construction plans will be need to be developed during this phase of study.

Likewise, interchange areas will require special consideration. Crossroad and turning traffic will likely use detours, temporary ramp connections to I-70 and the outer roads during construction.

Environmentally sensitive areas of the corridor, such as Mineola Hill, also will require special attention.


Maintaining Traffic
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