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I-70 is an especially important freight corridor.

Why Improve I-70?

I-70 is more than a frequently traveled local highway. It's also a critical state and regional corridor and a nationally important interstate. Improve I-70 efforts will help MoDOT ensure that the interstate continues to serve as a safe, efficient, environmentally sound and cost-effective facility for those traveling within the state, as well as those traveling through it.

Improve I-70 because…

Traffic Safety - The number and severity of traffic-related accidents along I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis has grown and will continue to grow with projected increases in travel.

Roadway Capacity - Today, congestion makes portions of I-70 a stop-and-go driving experience. Without action, future I-70 travelers will experience deteriorating conditions throughout the corridor, including significantly reduced speeds, congestion, and excessive traffic volumes.

System Preservation - The newest stretch of I-70 is 37 years old. The oldest stretch is 46 years old. The original design life of the interstate was 20 years. Both pavement and bridges will need major maintenance and rehabilitation over the next 30 years.

Roadway Design Features - Designed in 1956, many features of I-70 are not in sync with today's safer, more efficient design standards. Improving the design of I-70 will enhance its safety and efficiency and provide a higher return on MoDOT's investment.

Move Goods More Efficiently - Freight traffic is important to the state and the national economy - and I-70 is an especially important freight corridor. As truck traffic grows, operations on I-70 will continue to degrade at an ever increasing rate.

Access to Recreational Facilities - Tourism is a $7.8 billion per year industry in Missouri, employing nearly 191,000 Missourians and generating hundreds of millions in state and local taxes. I-70 is the largest gateway to the vast amount of tourist and recreational destinations in the state.



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