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What are the Benefits?
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Today, I-70 is a four-lane corridor across much of the state. Its narrow shoulders, narrow median and poor pavement conditions make traveling I-70 an uncomfortable and challenging experience. This situation is likely to worsen with increasing demand in the years ahead.

The widening and reconstruction strategy will provide the following benefits to motorists traveling I-70:

  Enhanced Safety
  Wider shoulders and median to provide safe zones for travelers
  Upgraded interchanges, bridges, roadway alignment and roadway cross-sections that meet today's standards
  Develop a long-range plan for continuous frontage roads on both sides for better incident management
Greater Capacity
  Expanded right of way, typically by 150 feet
  Six lanes in rural areas (roughly 80 percent of corridor)
  Up to ten lanes in urban areas where warranted (roughly 20 percent of corridor)
  Future transportation improvement corridor in the median of rural areas
Other Benefits
  Four lanes operational during construction
  Improved interchanges with enhanced access management
  A corridor plan for environmental enhancements
  Smoother, safer and stronger pavement



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