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The Process

Traffic accidents along I-70 between Kansas City and St. Louis will increase as projected travel increases.

The first step…The process of improving I-70 began in 1999, when MoDOT conducted a feasibility study to document the condition of the highway and to identify a number of alternatives in response.

Selecting the best improvement strategy…In January 2000, MoDOT launched the I-70 Improvement Study, an environmental impact study that evaluated several improvement strategies, including widening and reconstructing the interstate, building a completely new interstate parallel to the existing one or introducing enhanced transit options. Completed in December 2001, the I-70 Improvement Study determined that the best strategy for improving I-70 and preparing it for the future was to widen and reconstruct it (see video clip on this page or study documentation in Corridor Documents).

After improvements, I-70 will be safer and more efficient.

Taking the next step…Improve I-70 was launched in 2002 and included a more detailed analysis of the selected strategy. This phase ensured that the improvement strategy would be implemented in a way that is sensitive to the environment and responsible to the communities and individuals that will benefit from this major investment of the state's resources. The Improve I-70 Second Tier studies provided more information on the location, basic design, environmental impacts and cost of I-70 improvements. Completion of this phase set the stage for future steps toward design and construction.


Rural Widening and Reconstruction
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